Elemenatry school

Library science and Quran, all of which are taught by specialist staff. athletes lessons also begin in Reception twice a week at Al Mawahib activity area, taught by qualified teachers.

Daily menu signs are posted at the beginning of all meal lines. Items offered as a part of lunch are listed within the grain, protein, milk, fruit and vegetable spaces on the menu board.

We offer breakfast, lunch, and supper to all students in the Al mawahib School ,as well as healthy snacks for Kg students.

An educational field trip can be an integral part of the instructional program. Al Mawahib trips provide participants with first hand experience related to the topic or concept being discussed in the lessons programs.

Al Mawahib curriculum handbook They are favored because students can work directly in their books, also hold an advantage because they are usually smaller and lighter than textbooks, which equates to less trouble when the student brings the book home to complete their homework.

Plan and Details

The child has one intuitive aim: self development. He desperately wants to develop his resources, his ability to cope with a strange, complex world. He wants to do and see and learn for himself through his senses and not through the eyes of an adult. He becomes a full person. He is educated.”

Field trip benefits

Here are some advantages of having a school field trip:

  • Connects Students To the Real World. School fieldtrips provide every student with real-world experiences. …
  • Erases Classroom Boredom. …
  • Better Grades in Studies. …
  • Offers Different Cultural Experience and Creates a Social Bond. …
  • Meets Families Expectations.